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Please don’t ever think that it would be better to have never been created in the first place. You were hand picked by The Divine. Do you know what that means? It means that you’re precious, that you’re valuable, that He loves you enough to have given you life. And even if He created you as a rock, it would be more of a blessing than to have never been created at all, but He made you a human being, the best of creation. So cheer the heck up.

The moment you resolve to do something for His Sake, you will be tested with extraordinary things. If you are looking to earn only halaal, this huge opportunity of earning with dubious means will come by. If you are looking to marry a practising spouse, these proposals of amazing people but who don’t have Allah on top of their list will come straight at you. If you are struggling to wear the hijab, you will get offers to study or work in great place “if” you took off the hijab.

In reality, none of this is a coincidence. Yes it is a chance - not the way you think, it is a chance to PROVE to Allah that you mean what you say. It is a test where He wants to see the firmness of your resolve, of your commitment to Him.

Grab this test and ace it! Leave behind everything doubtful without a second thought. The moment you do that, doors of His Bounty & Help will open upon you. Don’t be afraid to say no, you are actually saying a big YES to Allah!

Sh. Tawfique Chowdhury (via beautifulsabr)
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